Our Services

We work hand in hand with professional services firms and their people, helping them in practical ways to improve and grow

Organisation and Strategy

  • Strategy

    Firms with a well-developed, fully aligned and clearly articulated strategy have been shown to outperform their competitors, especially so when buy-in from the partnership drives it forward. Whether you need to refine, re-align or re-imagine your business and strategy in the post-pandemic world we can assist with:

    • Strategic Reviews – benchmark where you’re at, audit for alignment, identify gaps and recommend actions and solutions
    • Strategic Planning – practical planning, organisational alignment and execution support.
  • Virtual COO

    We can conduct regular, scheduled check-ins with relevant teams to:

    • Help align strategic plans and initiatives
    • Develop and oversee action-based, integrated implementation plans, designed to achieve results
    • Review and coach practice groups and business services teams to improve alignment, service delivery and overall performance
    • Track performance and accountability to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Leadership Advisory

    Many firms are now re-imagining their business models – changes to existing structures and merger activity is likely to continue, particularly post-pandemic. We work with firms to approach these critical and transformative events with a strategic eye and a disciplined, aligned and integrated approach to increase the chances of success. We assist firms with their:

    • Board advisory and governance models
    • Mergers, alliances and laterals
    • Succession and transition planning.
  • Partner Compensation Systems
    Incentives count and a firm’s compensation system will drive individual behaviour, often regardless of other important aspects such as stated values, culture and strategy. Aligning a firm’s compensation system with its strategic goals and objectives, in a fair and transparent manner, and in a way that promotes and rewards the right behaviours, is the key to driving both growth and transformation.
  • CLOC Core Competencies

    We assist both in-house legal teams and law firms:

    • In-house legal teams – to develop and achieve leadership and operational excellence, using the CLOC Core Competencies as a framework
    • Law firms – to align with the CLOC Core Competencies.


  • Business Development

    If business development is the lifeblood of a firm, then the related skills and competencies – that can be taught – are not so soft after all. Supported by well-designed systems, processes and incentives, we are able to help kick-start (or overhaul), your business development efforts by building your:

    • Market and client strategy
    • Approach to data analysis and metrics
    • Planning capabilities
    • Pitch strategies and performances
    • Systems and processes
    • “Not so soft” skills development.
  • Strategic Key Account Management
    We work with firms to expand and manage key client relationships strategically. Moving from the transactional, to putting the client at the heart of on-going relationship development, the rewards for firms are many. High-performing relationship partners, guided by client strategy and needs, and supported by focused and collaborative client service teams, form the foundations for improved outcomes.
  • Voice of Client
    Whether you are looking to start your client listening with client service reviews, or considering an active and comprehensive client listening programme, listening to the voices of your clients is invaluable – information gathered can be used to inform strategy development, improve client experience and drive innovation.

Leadership and People

  • Leadership Development

    Organisational leadership skills, whether at the executive, practice or individual level, are the foundation of high performance and development is a career-long journey. We work with emerging leaders through to managing partners, helping them to:

    • Improve Partner performance
    • Develop and grow Partner leadership talent – leading practice and industry teams, driving profitability, identifying and closing gaps
    • Coach teams and individuals
    • Build the path to partnership
    • Improve collaboration and integration
    • Communicate more effectively.
  • Partner Retreats, Meets, Conferences and Workshops
    We are sought after key note speakers, known for inspiring, informative and engaging presentations across a wide range of relevant topics. We’ve offered insights and worked with firms throughout Asia Pacific to help ensure that the results justify the significant investment put into these events.
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Balance

    We help firms:

    • Identify practical steps that can be taken to improve diversity, inclusion, and address gender imbalances; we have a special focus on developing and retaining women
    • Conduct People Audits (skills, competencies, pay, gender, diversity)
    • Satisfy Client Diversity Audits.
  • Fine Tuning Business Services Teams
    We work with firms to help review and coach internal business services and support functions to improve service delivery and overall performance. We do this by evaluating gaps in skill sets, developing specific competencies, advising teams on ways to evaluate and monitor their own performance and proposing practical changes to best support the business.
  • Virtual Coaching

    We offer one-on-one virtual coaching services, tailored to the needs of each individual and optimised for the remote working environment. Our goals are to help leaders to gain clarity, increase commitment and engagement, develop leadership skills and competencies, provide perspectives, constructive feedback and be a sounding-board, and improve individual accountability.

  • Digitalised Training and Development

    Pre-Covid-19, training people relied heavily on face-to-face interactions. Delivering development programmes is now more challenging in the WFH environment as we can no longer sit beside people as they learn. We offer innovative ideas and solutions on how to train your new or existing people, and help firms digitalise and transform their people development programmes.