Our Team

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge across all aspects of professional services firms

Jennifer Milford

Founder, Consulting Leader

Jennifer has held the role of Chief Operating Officer for two of Asia’s largest law firms – 10 years in Hong Kong and a further 7 years in India. She has deep knowledge of the professional services sector and is a seasoned leader in a crisis. Her extensive experience in Asia and Australia, particularly in the areas of strategy, mergers, integration, innovation, and client and people development, have seen her help organisations address cultural, cross-functional, and alignment challenges. Her blend of strategic insight and practical approach is highly-valued by clients. She is an engaging speaker at conferences and events.

As COO, Jennifer oversaw the operations of two of Asia’s largest law firm’s business services teams and worked closely with the firms’ executive, managing partners, senior leadership, practice group leaders and partners, advising on constantly evolving legal market trends and focusing on continued growth and innovation. From Hong Kong, she also led the Asia regional strategy, business development, and marketing functions.

Jennifer’s earlier experience covered consulting assignments for some of Australia’s largest professional services firms and law firms, where she counseled managing partners and executive committees on matters of strategy, operational excellence, financial performance, talent acquisition and retention strategies, people management, firm culture, and mergers.

“Great future and strategic thinker yet always pragmatic and practical”

  • Fun Fact

    When younger, Jennifer thought she would overcome her fear of heights by skydiving. Her first jump involved a tree. Her second resulted in crutches being needed. She then decided to attain her SCUBA rescue certification. Lessons learned ? Know when to say No. Master what you’re good at.

Kerrie Bowlen

Senior Business Consultant

Kerrie brings more than 30 years experience in leadership roles in human resources and learning and development, across Asia and Australia.

She works with firms to help improve their performance management systems, employee engagement, change management and compensation systems, talent acquisition and retention strategies.

She helps facilitate cultural change, organisational development and people growth.

  • Fun Fact

    Kerrie’s love of travel led her to Eritrea where she spent 4 months at the end of their civil war, training at the Teachers’ Training Institute. Here she learnt the true meaning of resilience and developed an understanding of what can be achieved when you work with an engaged audience. Her passion now is to engender that same passion when she works with teams.

Pamela Gilbert

Strategic Partner

Pamela wants to live in a world where leaders are bold, people are encouraged to play to their strengths and the future looks bright for everyone.

A proven business generator, strategist and facilitator with over 25 years experience, Pamela is engaged by Boards and CEOs to help them think creatively about business growth and to turn ideas into action. Pamela is passionate about helping others succeed in both the organisations they lead and in their own future

  • Fun Fact

    When she’s not facilitating or coaching, you can find her kayaking on the high seas, climbing every mountain and encouraging her colleagues to cough up and support Australia for UNHCR and other good causes.

Aubrey Rogers

Senior Business Consultant

Having worked for two major international banking organisations in both the UK and India, a Big Four firm, set up and run her own consulting business in India, and led the global Talent Development function for an international education provider based in Singapore, Aubrey has gained a rich wealth of experience over the years, as well as a coveted reputation.

She has supported clients on a broad range of services all across Asia, including policy advisory and implementation, process optimisation and digitalisation, performance improvement, talent development, employee engagement, cross culture working, and leadership training.

As a highly skilled communicator with a naturally warm and empathetic approach to all that she does, Aubrey’s personal style and ability to deliver is greatly respected and appreciated by all who work with her. In particular, her recent virtual coaching assignments have received high-praise.

  • Fun Fact

    Like many Scots, travel and adventure is in Aubrey’s blood (the Scottish weather encourages it!). She grew up in the Middle East, and in her late teens she packed a backpack and headed out in search of the exotic as three generations of her family had done before her.

    Arriving in India in the days of no mobile phones, internet or email she quickly learnt that if she was ever going to work out how to do something as simple as book a train ticket she was going to need patience, the ability to communicate in a way she could be understood, and most importantly, the skill to identify when there’s another way to get to where you’re going. Aubrey continues to pick up that backpack and keep learning.

Our Extended Network

Our extended team also covers a network of trusted alliance partners and expert professional connections. We can call upon these experts to expand our solutions for you, should it be required.