LexSis aims to advance the interests of all women who work in the legal sector

We do this by:

  • Keeping a keen watch on the data in the Asia Pac region, particularly in the often more opaque area of disclosure around equity partner ratios
  • Supporting firms in their diversity efforts through consulting engagements, workshops, and individual coaching assignments
  • Facilitating meaningful networking and learning events
  • Engaging alliance partners in the gender balance conversation
  • Developing our library of “What’s your secret sister sauce?” interviews and podcasts, which are full of practical advice from women who have succeeded and
  • Coaching LexSis champions to guide their women team members in developing the skills, expertise and confidence to succeed.

LexSis Resources

Gender balance owned by Boards is good business

October 1, 2020
Many firms suffer from the problem of paying “lip-service” to gender balance. Balance gets a mention at the annual partners’ conference. HR tracks the diversity numbers. Targets may be set. Women’s groups and networks are established. And yet, men often remain unengaged, unconvinced and unpersuaded about the need to take real action, with the result […]